Craving for Love | 2015

The book Craving for Love discusses causes and resolution of Relationship Dependency and homosexuality

Craving for Love was first published in 1993 to help people understand homosexuality and other dependent relationships. It was in trying to understand homosexuality that I gained the self-understanding that made me realise the homosexual and I – though I was not lesbian – were next-of-kin. The book was published in the UK and distributed internationally. It has slowly become recognised as something of a classic among those who want out of homosexuality, those who help them and those who want to know what homosexuality is. But the book also speaks to people who are stuck in similar sorts of holes and don't know why or how to get out either. In 2015 Craving for Love is as relevant as ever, because – as the saying goes – the more things change the more they stay the same. There have been three reprints since 1993, a revision in 2003 and a Korean edition. The book has again been brought up to date with this 2015 revision to meet ongoing demand. It is available through this site in a number of digital formats: epub, pdf, and Kindle (from There is also a printed version - click here